Ca Fait Mal (It Hurts)
by Adama Yalomba and Hawa Diabaté
Directed by Susan McLucas.

"Unexcised woman!" "I'm happy about that!" If we have a daughter, we'll never excise her. If you have a daughter, don't hurt her. Exicsion hurts! Excised women don't have feeling in their marriage. It hurts! So much pain! It's dangerous. Mother, Father, Auntie, my sister, this is a message for you - It's bad to excise girls. It complicates childbirth. Many girls hemorrhage. It causes many health problems. Do not excise your daughter. I won't choose that pain for my girl. I don't want anyone else to excise my girl, either. It's horrible! It causes sterility. It kills girls and women. "Father, Mother, don't excise me!" Excision is bad.

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