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Stop Excision CD song list
Some of the biggest singers in Mali have had the courage to write and sing these 8 songs against excision in 5 languages: Bambara, Senoufo, Pulaar, Dogon and Sarakole.
Songs Against Excision:
1. O Magni (It's Bad)
— Amy Koita (in Bambara)
2. Tukore (Excision)
— Neba Solo (in Senoufo)
3. Anka Fo "Ante" (Let's Decide To Say "No")
— Kandia Kouyaté
4. Bural (Let's Never Be The Last Ones)
— Aly Baba Cissé (in Pulaar)
5. Sariya (The Law)
— The Zotto Boys with the Skankin' Brothers (in Bambara)
6. Aranoin Edula (Excision Is Not Good)
— Aly Bodel (in Dogon)
7. N' Farikolo (My Body)
— Fantani Touré (in Bambara)
8. Takhoundi (Excision)
— Nayine Koné (in Sarakole)

Songs About Other Women's Rights:
1. Musoya Danbe (The Dignity of Women), a song that lists great women
— Adama Namakoro Fomba (in Bambara)
2. Cinquante Deux Bamako (The Maids of Bamako), a song about appreciating and paying maids
— Bafing Coul (in Bambara)
3. Aye Wili (Rise Up), a song that invites women to stand up for themselves and realize their greatness
— Coumba Sidibé (in Bambara)
4. Musolu (Women), a song that talks about all the different things women do these days as well as about the importance of the traditional role of women in the family and community
— The National Instrumental Ensemble (in Bambara)

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