Declaration of Moussala
March 12, 2005

We, the women and men of Moussala, in Kalabancoro, circle of Kati, Mali, have taken the decision to never again excise girls in our village. We have seen that there are many drawbacks and no advantages to this practice.

Our girls don’t deserve this traumatizing and degrading experience and they have the right to their whole bodies. This decision has been taken for the health and well-being of our girls, the women of tomorrow.

We encourage every Malian to take this same decision, individually and collectively, so that excision will disappear from Mali.

Signed by:

President of the women of Moussala Djénéba Traoré “We will mobilize all our women for our well-being.”

Wife of the imam of Moussala Madina Doumbia “I will call on the imam to preach and convince the men.”

Village chief of Moussala Fasoko Samaké “I will make sure that the end of excision in my village is total.”

President of the Committee of Moussala Bréhima Traoré “I will spread the message to the whole village and surrounding area to safeguard our women.”

pdf version of the Delclaration of Moussala