Our Music Videos

Most of these videos are sung in the main local language Bambara, except where noted

I Abandon (Excision)
Ténin Bomboté with 17 ex-excisers in the chorus
Directed by Susan McLucas (Mariam Sacko)

I Abandon;

Ca Fait Mal (It Hurts) (has a little French in it)
Adama Yalomba and Hawa Diabaté
Directed by Susan McLucas (Mariam Sacko)

Ca Fait Mal (It Hurts);

Anka Fo "Ante!" (We Can Say "No!")
Kandia Kouyaté
Anka Fo "Ante!" was started by a local producer and finished by Susan McLucas (Mariam Sacko)

;Anka Fo

the Zotto Boys
Sariya was directed by Sanous Diakité, manager of the Zotto Boys, with a few parts added by Susan McLucas (Mariam Sacko).


Takhoundi (Excision) in Sarokolé
Nayini Koné
Directed by Adama Drabo (with a few additions by Susan McLucas (Mariam Sacko)

;Takhoundi (Excision) in Sarokolé

Leave Her Alone
Composed by Rick Goldin
Susan McLucas sings to ex-excisers while we were making 'I Abandon'. This video is not shown on Malian TV.

;Leave Her Alone